Mortgage Insurance

With Bayside Associates you can obtain your mortgage coverage with the best possible product at the best rates.

Mortgage Insurance Comparison

Individually-owned Mortgage Insurance Through your Mortgage Lender

Insurance Plans Available

Term or Permanent



Anyone you decide

Your Mortgage Lender

How Insurance Proceeds are Used

Your beneficiaries decide. If the mortgage rate is low, it may be better to invest the death benefit rather than use it to pay off the mortgage.

Pays off the mortgage

Premium Frequency

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually (depending on the carrier)

With your mortgage payment

Additional Life Insurance Needs

You can take care of all your other insurance needs with one policy

Only covers the mortgage

On Going Coverage

You're either covered until age 80 or you can convert to any eligible permanent or universal life policy; depending on your policy’s provisions

Your insurance ends when your mortgage is paid off


You insurance stays with you even if you refinance or change lenders

If you move your mortgage, your insurance ends and you have to re-qualify with the new lender. If you refinance your mortgage you may need to re-qualify, even though you're with the same lender.

Insurance Benefit

You can get a level benefit, or you can decrease your benefit over time to match your mortgage

Decreasing insurance benefit as your mortgage decreases

Premium Guarantees

Your premiums are guaranteed, as per the contract

Premiums are not guaranteed

How long are Premiums Paid?

Will vary depending on the plan chosen

As long as the mortgage exists


Your premium is based on gender, smoking status, health and lifestyle factors



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