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Upon your death is your family financially prepared to cover costs such as:

  • The funeral and burial
  • Probate Fees
  • Potential taxes on your assets
  • Legal and accounting fees in order to settle your estate

Planning is an important part of everything we do in life and a funeral is no different as we all have different ideas on how we would like to see that take place. It is important to determine the right amount of insurance you require to cover off these expenses. Funerals are typically something that we don’t think about planning for or maybe we are just unwilling to plan ahead for this event. At Bayside Associates we will assist you in purchasing the appropriate coverage and place it with a carrier whose contracts are designed to provide the coverage you need and when you need it.

By placing FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE your family would receive a tax-free life insurance benefit to take care of your final expenses which would elevate this financial strain during such a difficult time. Setting aside money in your bank will not be the best solution to take care of final expenses as these funds can be frozen at the time of your death until your executor is identified and the will is researched. When we think of final costs associated to your final expenses you probably are not aware that funeral expenses alone in the last 15 years have doubled. When you have a life insurance policy in place to take care of these items there is no waiting period on these funds due to probate and this also prevents your other life insurance programs from being depleted that need to be used to cover off other requirements such replacing your income and paying off debt such as a mortgage and outstanding credit debt.